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Cozy Home Installation

Cozy Home Installation

Because we can't control the weather.

First Choice, as part of our commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction we have devised a proprietary system for installing windows during the colder months.


  • We close your home to the outside within 5 minutes

  • Two installers, one inside your home and one outside

  • Floors and furniture are covered

  • Adjoining rooms are sealed off to 
prevent heat loss

  • Your home is left spotless

We call it Cozy Home Winter Installation

As part of the process we use two installers one who stays outside your home while the other one, wearing boot covers, does the interior work. Fragile items are carefully moved out of the area, as is furniture, if required. Then all surfaces are covered including adjacent furniture and flooring.

We then install plastic barriers and cloth jams to block any drafts. Lastly we remove one window at a time to minimize your home's exposure to the outside elements. In most cases, the opening where each old window was is closed off to the outside within 5 minutes. Finally, after we finish installing all your windows, we remove all stickers and clean your new windows. Everything is replaced where it belongs, and we carefully dust and clean the areas we worked in to ensure they are left as clean if not cleaner than when we arrived.